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Room EQ Wizard 5.19

Measures and analyzes room acoustics as well as loudspeaker responses
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Room EQ Wizard is intended to help listeners enjoy a better experience by allowing to make measurements and perform analyses of room acoustics as well as loudspeaker responses. In this regard, the program provides the data necessary for audio specialists to optimize the acoustics of the room by changing the position of the equipment and adjusting the equalizer.

The tool’s interface will probably look quite intricate to most users, which is logical if we consider its technical purpose. Thus, even if you are one of those computer fans who can easily get the gist of a program, it is quite likely that you need to study the excellent help material and spend long hours before you can fully benefit from its multiple features. It is a pity that a lot of technical words are used in the interface without a proper explanation, which would otherwise give less experienced users a better chance to use it.

The program is based on Java, which, on the one hand, makes it quite portable between different operating systems. Yet, on the other hand, installing Java requires time, uses system resources and makes your computer more vulnerable to threats. Fortunately, there is a downloadable installation package that includes a private Java, which means that it can be used exclusively by Room EQ Wizard.

Although the program is intended to be used with specialized hardware, like microphones and headphones, it can still be tried using your laptop’s microphone and speakers, but do not expect any level of accuracy whatsoever.

The product has multiple features that would make quite an extensive list. In this regard, and just as examples, it can generate audio test signals and analyze them. It can also be used to measure SPL and impedance as well as frequency and impulse responses. Likewise, the tool generates real-time analyzer plots and calculates reverberation times. It is excellent that it can adjust the equalizers to minimize the effects of room modes.

Departing from my own experience as well as the opinion expressed by many users and experts on online forums, Room EQ Wizard is the software of choice when you are trying to defy a room’s poor acoustic response. It is good to know that the tool is absolutely free; however, donations are encouraged even on the program’s main window.

Pedro Castro
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  • Has multiple features
  • Shows illustrative graphs
  • Excellent help materials


  • Not easy to use
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